Wholesale & Landscapers

Kerikeri Plant Production is a wholesale & retail nursery specialising in New Zealand Natives. We have over 180 different species including a large range of New Zealand Native Ferns. If you're looking for hard to grow or hard to find New Zealand Natives like Rewarewa, Rimu, Karaka, Puriri, Pukatea, Pohutukawa, Puka, Ngaio, Matipo, Matai, Miro, Nikau, Maidenhair fern, Hen & Chicken Fern, Crown Fern, Octopus Fern, Kauri and much more, then talk to us first to see how we can assist you.

As a nursery based near the top of the North Island our climate is variable with warm long summer days and cool, wet winter days. This means we predominantly service North Island nurseries however we also supply nurseries on the South Island's West Coast and down as far as Invercargill.

We are always happy to supply to more nurseries and welcome any nursery, garden centre or landscaper to get in touch with us to find out how to place an indent order. Due to the nature of our business Indent orders are the best way to secure the plants for your own stock or your customers planting requirements for the upcoming seasons.

Eco Sourcing

Where possible we aim to Eco source our seeds from the surrounding landscape and wider Northland area. We know that the plants we create do well in the climate from which they were sourced, and will thrive when grown with care.

As seed is collected the location is recorded so we can know where all our sourced seed is from and where to source in the future. We can also source seed from your own property or you can supply seed for us to contract grow for you.

Kerikeri Plant Production is known for its propagation of hard to grow natives especially those that grow well in Northland.


Our reputation for top quality plants is something we hold dear and we know that this starts at the beginning. We propagate from seed, seedlings, cuttings, spores and division for the majority of our plants. This helps ensure our plants  are grown from only the best stock and from species known to thrive in the Northland conditions.

Members of our team can draw on extensive experience in the Arboricultural field to identify premium trees, that they can access using rope techniques for seed harvesting in the canopy. This allows seed to be selected at their peak without damage to the tree.

Other team members use their specialised knowledge for propagation including seed processing and sowing, fern reproduction from spores and division, along with a cuttings programme to propagate consistent genetic stock, most of which is sourced from local trees and shrubs.

Trade & Landscapers

Are you a Landscaper, Landscape Architect, Property Manager or Garden Designer? We have high quality plants for your clients to bring your creation to life. You don't need to pay garden centre prices for a wide range of New Zealand Natives.

Over the years we have built a reputation for growing top quality plants that last the distance. Our team have the knowledge and skill to be able to help our landscaping customers with advice about plants appropriate for dry and wet areas, shaded and sunny spots. We are also able to offer alternatives if the first option isn't available or can give advice on the best plants for Northlands soil types and climate.
We also contract grow for landscapers so feel free to put your ideas through to us for securing future plants.

Talk to our team today about your clients projects or about the landscape you are taking care of.

We offer wholesale plants to other nurseries, landscapers and for revegetation & riparian planting