Large Scale Planting


For many years now our Northland customers have come to us to provide plants for their large scale revegetation projects on farms, estates, subdivisions, wetlands, private islands and riparian waterways. Our range of natives, along with advice from the team has meant hundreds of thousands of plants have now been planted on Northland properties improving the overall ecology of the land and waterways.
We work with customers and planting partners like 'Trees that Count', Paper 4 Trees and other charitable trusts to achieve the best outcome for their project.

Talk to our team as early in your project as possible so we can indent your specific planting requirements, so you don't miss out.

For projects of this size we generally work 6 months to a year out from when you require the plants but the earlier you can advise us the better.

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We have long term, experienced staff who can advise on your next planting project, contact us today