Our Ferns have a new home

With so many beautiful ferns grown at the nursery it was time to increase our space, giving us more propagation capabilities and display options for our retail area.

A fernery is a specialised place to propagate and display ferns, and at Kerikeri Plant Production we decided it was time to upgrade and upsize our existing fernery with a brand new structure.

Our new fernery is now up and running, showcasing our range of beautiful ferns, ground covers and other shade loving plants. With an increased ground area and an improved overhead watering system we are able to better manage the growth and maintenance of these beautiful plants.

We grow from spores, seedlings and division, guiding many of these ferns through years of growth. Their delicate but vigorous nature means that whilst they look strong they sometimes require extra care and protection from the harsh New Zealand weather.

Having this new piece of infrastructure in place allows us here at Kerikeri Plant Production to highlight our skills in growing and taking care of such a wide range of native ferns.

Our ever growing range of over 20 varieties of ferns include species such as Asplenium oblongifolium, Blechnum discolor, Blechnum fluviatile, Blechnum novae-zelandiae, Blechnum pennamarina, Cyathea dealbata, Cyathea medullaris, Dicksonia squarrosa, Lastreopsis microsaura, Ptisana salicina just to name a few.

We welcome customers to come and view our new fernery and select a plant that is just right for your shaded or sunny spot.

Our owners, staff and suppliers have a shared set of values to produce a quality product.