Lets Celebrate New Zealand Conservation Week/ Te Wiki Tiaki Ao Tūroa 14-20 August 2023

NZ Conservation week is a great time to come together to celebrate and protect the unique biodiversity of New Zealand. Here at Kerikeri Plant Production we continue our commitment to producing beautiful NZ Natives for everyone to enjoy.

New Zealand Conservation Week/ Te Wiki Tiaki Ao Tūroa 14-20 August 2023 is a time when communities come together to celebrate and protect the unique biodiversity of New Zealand. This week encourages New Zealanders to immerse themselves in nature and enjoy a fresh perspective on the unique spaces and wildlife of Aotearoa, unique only to this country.

Among the many aspects of conservation, the significance of native trees and plants takes center stage. Native trees and plants are the foundation of NewZealand's intricate ecosystems. They provide critical habitats for indigenous wildlife, ensuring the survival of various species that have co-evolved with these plants for centuries. Native plants also play a pivotal role in maintaining soil health, preventing erosion, and purifying the air, making them essential components of a thriving environment.
Restoring and replanting Native species not only enhances the visual outlook of the landscape but also holds a multitude of ecological and environmental benefits.

Planting native trees and plants during the winter and spring months holds distinct advantages. The cooler temperatures and increased rainfall during these seasons create favorable conditions for the establishment of new growth. The plants have a chance to develop their root systems before the onset of summer, allowing them to better withstand drought and other environmental stresses.
Native plants also boast a striking array of flowers that not only contribute to the visual beauty of the landscape but also provide vital food sources for native insects and birds. Many native trees and shrubs produce nectar-rich flowers, which attract native birds like Tui, Korimako/Bellbird, Kaka, Kakariki, and the pīwakawaka. These birds, in turn, aid in pollination, ensuring the production of plant species and the continuation of the ecosystem's intricate web.

Positive Impact for Northland
Regions such as Northland and Auckland play a crucial role in native plant conservation efforts. With diverse climates and landscapes, these areas offer unique opportunities to showcase the incredible variety of native plants thatNew Zealand has to offer, for example Kauri, Puriri, Tanekaha, Kohekohe, Pukatea, Kaiwaka. The presence of businesses like ours(Kerikeri PlantProduction) in Northland highlights the commitment of local communities towards nurturing and propagating native plant species. Building up the stock of native plants for both other wholesale nurseries and for the local retail market means the impacts can be felt across the board.

As these newly established plants grow and thrive, they will contribute to carbon sequestration, mitigate the effects of climate change, and further enrich the native biodiversity of the region. Future generations will inherit a more resilient and diverse environment thanks to the efforts made during events likeNZ Conservation Week.

NZ Conservation Week serves as a poignant reminder of the intrinsic value of native trees and plants. From the visual beauty they bestow upon the landscape to the pivotal roles they play in maintaining ecosystem balance, their significance cannot be overstated. As communities across Northland, Auckland, and beyond come together to plant and preserve during this time, it’s a great time for everyone to celebrate the biodiversity that is associated with the native flora. Talk to us here at Kerikeri Plant Production about how to add natives to your landscape.

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