Expanded Propagation Capacity

As demand increases so does our need for expanded propagation capacity. In the fragile stages of early growth our seeds, seedling and cuttings need extra protection.

An exciting development in 2022 has been the addition of a large propagation shed to house the ever increasing number of plants that we produce from both seeds and cuttings.

As the demand for our natives has increased so has the need for greater growing capacity, where the small seedlings can be nurtured in their early stages of growth.

With ample space for thousands of plants this propagation shed has integrated irrigation and a vented roof to manage the temperature inside.


With our seed collection well underway and our cutting programme in progress this shed will be filled within no time and the team are working hard to utilise every available space.  


This propagation shed gives our plants protection from the weather, insects and birds, whilst also allowing increased growth rates through the winter months.

Once established the young plants are moved outside to“harden off” and acclimatise to the weather, ready for their next stage of growth.


Our seed collectors and propagation staff have been working hard to get the first load of seedlings into the propagation shed


The shed will now house the kauri, kohekohe, puka and tecomanthe seedlings ,protecting them in their initial stage of growth, before we re-stock it with the next group of plants.

Our owners, staff and suppliers have a shared set of values to produce a quality product.